Soundpainting is a multidisciplinary sign-language created by Walter Thompson in the late 1970´s. In a real-time compositional processes any performers including musicians, actors, dancers, visual artists, or even average adults or children with or without any special preferences or musical education can work together with the help of a so called soundpainter, who can lead them with handsigns. The group reacts on these, and from their reaction leads the soundpainter the collective composition on.

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It is a great tool in education, because it categorizes many different actions in archetypal content, giving a better overview and analysis on existing art-works as well. Beside this, it strenghtens the self-confidence, of the participants, the group-cohesion, tolerance and acceptance towards eachother. Meanwhile many groups of professional performers are using the language in their creative processes.

I made my soundpainting certificates in 2011-2012 in Paris at the union of jazz musicians. Since than I am giving regular workshops on all level of education. I am teaching weekly soundpainting for instrumentalist as a form of contemporary chamber music at the Tibor Varga Institute of Szécheny University, Győr. I also often conduct short interactive workshops on new-music concerts. At these we are doing a “creative analysis” of the performed pieces,  this gives a better understanding and a much more focused listening to the audience during the performance.

The most important workshops given in the region (selection): Konservatorium Wien (2012), Moholy-Nagy University (2013), Dani Nove Glazbe Split (2014) IKultLab, Summercourse (2014), Klunkerkranich Berlin (2014), Ujazdowski, Warsawa (2014) University of Theater- and Film-Arts, Budapest (2015-16)