The list of my compositions including chamber operas, Instrumental theater pieces, orchestral works, chamber music compositions, sound installations for fixed or interactive media and several earlier theater, dance and filmmusic works. You can download a list of compositions with some details about the pieces. Please contact me for any further information, program notes, scores, parts, audio- or video-recordings. I am glad to provide any of those. List can be downloaded here

Here is a recording of an earlier Mono-Opera, the Blaubarts performed by Rupert Bergmann and the THReNSeMBle, conductor is Balázs Horváth, score can be downloaded here:

A solo clarinet piece with instrumental theater intention, score can be found here

 A demonstration of an earlier interactive installation, created in co-operation with the Kitchen Budapest

or an earlier work for chamber orchestra, the Canzoni di Arnulf

A piece for Jazz-Orchestra and Narrator, based on the text of Charles Mingus:

there are more videos on my youtube channel or on soundcloud