I have several performing activities. Most of them is coming from the soundpainting or the compositional praxis, I am conducting my own orchestrations or taking part in a soundpainting perfromance (see here what soudnpainting is)

But beside all these I am also playing the electric bass since I was 11 years old (actually, before that I played a detuned acoustic guitar as a bass). I played in many bands and jazz orchestras, theater productions….etc. I made my first degree as a bass player at the jazz department of Franz Liszt Musicacademy in 2001 and kept on playing, not only jazz, but more and more new compositions as the member of the EAR (Elektro-Acoustic Research) Ensemble. As working as a composer became much more important to me, I gave up playing the instrument until 2008 when I had the chance to play in Anthony Braxton´s Ensemble as a Fulbright Scholar at the Wesleyan University in Connecticut. It gave me a boost to start playing again. In 2009 we recorded our first CD with the W.H., a quartet performing own music with William Shakespeare´s sonnets and songs. more info on W.H.