Pedagogy plays an important role in my artistic development at this point of my life. I remember as Anthony Braxton saying many times to us, that he is a “professional student”. I totally understand what does this mean if someone is teaching. Sharing ideas with others, offering new potential ideas and let them explore together within a community, finding the best definitions to given problems, and let someone else understand this, these are all parts of the teaching activity. 

I am teaching the following classes In the present academic semester:

At the Vienna Music Institute, private conservatory in Vienna:

Composition major for composers, Composition and Arrangement for all students, Leading the Composers´ Ensemble, Form-analysis, (Advanced Harmony)

At the Tibor Varga Institute of Széchény University in Győr:

Contemporary chambermusic - Soundpainting for instrumentalist

At the University of Theater- and Film-Art in Budapest:

Soundpainting for incoming Erasmus students (this class is open to everyone)

(Music and Film for sound-engineers)

I am teaching regularly workshops of Soundpainting in the region.

I often meet private students (composers) both in Budapest and Vienna.

I often do Soundpainting based interactive introduction to pieces at concerts, like here on this video, to pieces of Georg Friedrich Haas (at 15:28) and Bruno Mantovani (at 47:35) :