Átlátszó Hang New Music Festival - name could be translated both as Transparent Sound or See-Through Note to English - is founded and curated together with a friend and collegue Balázs Horváth since 2013 in co-operation with many renown concert halls and organizations in Budapest, the Franz Liszt Academy, the Trafo House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest Music Center, Fuga Architecture Center, Hermina Gallery and the legendary ruin-pub the Szimpla Kert. The name of the festival refers to its aims. Transparency in new music means that the audience is involved in interactive workshops and lectures before or during the events to understand better the new compositional ideas. Meanwhile “see-through” in musical meaning refers to compositions with both audible and visual layers - in form of new-music theater or new media, as they are a special focus of the festival. It is very important for us to introduce referential and highly influential pieces of the history of new music as they were during the isolation of the iron-curtain not well presented in the country and these work can help bringing the highly recipient an inquiring audience in Budapest closer to the innovative and versatile world of new music. This work is strongly supported  by our co-operating partners, like the Goethe Institute Budapest, the Austrian Cultural Forum or the Polish Institute.

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